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An introduction to HTTPX

Liffey B
11:10 on 13 July 2022
45 minutes


An introduction to a fully featured HTTP client and command-line tool for Python.

HTTPX is the result of a huge amount of dedicated design time to build a new HTTP client for Python from the ground up. It provides both HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/2, as well as supporting either sync or async styles of concurrency.

This talk will provide an introduction to the motivation behind the package, and an overview of the design.

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HTTPX is a new HTTP client library for Python, built around the well-established API design of "requests", while adding several new features.

It is the result of a huge amount of design work, having being backed by a collaboratively funded approach.

The talk will discuss the motivations behind building an entirely new HTTP client for Python. It will also provide an overview of the design layering, to help give the audience an understanding of the architecture underpinning the package.

The speaker

Tom Christie

Tom is aht author of a number of widely used open source packages, and works on open source full time, through his collaboratively funded business, Encode OSS Ltd.

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