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As part of our commitment to the Python community, we are pleased to offer grants for people in need of financial support to attend EuroPython.

You’ll find all the information about such grants on this page.

The EuroPython Society are sponsoring financial aid with €20,000 this year.

You can apply for four different types of grants:

  1. Free In-person Ticket: Get a standard ticket to the conference in-person for free.
  2. Travel / Accommodation: We will reimburse travel and/or accommodation costs up to €400.
  3. Visa Application Fee: Get reimbursed for the costs of a single entry visa to Ireland (€60).
  4. Free remote ticket: Get a standard ticket to the conference remotely for free.

Grant Eligibility

Our grants are open to everyone in need of financial support to participate in EuroPython. We will look at the following criteria to help decide who qualifies for a grant:

  1. Contributors: We want to support those who make the Python community a positive, inclusive and welcoming space. We welcome grant applications from folks who need financial support and who clearly put effort into the community and EuroPython, including speakers, volunteers, community organizers, and open-source contributors.
  2. Economic factors: Everyone should have a chance to attend EuroPython, regardless of their economic situation.
  3. Diversity: We want EuroPython to be the most diverse and inclusive event possible, and we especially want to help those from under-represented groups in tech feel welcomed, be present in and contribute to our community.

How to apply

You can no longer apply for Financial Aid for EuroPython 2022.


  • 8 March (2022-03-08) - Applications for Financial Aid open
  • 23 May (2022-05-23) - Deadline for submitting an application
  • 6 June (2022-06-06) - Applicants will be notified of acceptance/rejection
  • 7 June (2022-06-07) - Applications for Remote Financial Aid open
  • 13 June (2022-06-14) - Deadline for applicants to accept the grant
  • 3 July (2022-07-03) - Applications for Remote Financial Aid ends
  • 24 July (2022-07-24) - Deadline to submit invoices/receipts

Grant Policies

Free Remote Ticket

You will receive an individual voucher code that you can use to buy a regular conference remote ticket for free.

Free In-person Ticket

You will receive an individual voucher code that you can use to buy a regular conference ticket for free.

Travel/Accommodation Grant & Visa Grant

If you received a travel/accommodation grant or a visa grant, you will be reimbursed after the conference via PayPal or bank transfer. Do note that we can only reimburse you after we’ve received your receipts/invoices and a photo of your conference badge.

In addition, please take pay attention to the following:

  • The total combined travel/accommodation grant cannot exceed €400.
  • If you’ve been offered a grant, you need to accept the grant by 13 June 2022.
  • Reimbursements will be made after the conference via PayPal or bank transfer. It’s not possible to be reimbursed before the conference or by other means, such as cash.
  • Reimbursements will only be made after we’ve received your travel/accommodation receipts/invoices. The deadline to submit your receipts/invoices is 24 July 2022.
  • Please make sure that your receipts/invoices contain the information necessary for us to validate them. At the very least, they should contain your name, the date, the amount, and specify what the receipt/invoice is for.
  • Reimbursements will only be made to individuals who actually attended the conference. Please include a photo of your conference badge with your receipts/invoices.
  • Please consider the risk of the travel restrictions: choose flexible booking options that allow you to cancel in case you can’t actually make it to the conference.
  • Grants cannot be transferred to other individuals.
  • If you’ve applied for a grant or accepted a grant, but cannot make it to the conference, please contact us at so we can allocate the funds to someone else.

Thank you!

Privacy Policy

The data we collect on this form will be used exclusively by our financial aid working group for the selection of grant recipients and the processing of financial aid refunds. No data is passed to third parties, except to our accountants and the bank in order to process the refunds. We use Google Forms for the processing and Google Drive for storing the relevant information. For more details on our privacy policies, please see our privacy policy.

Become a sponsor!

If you want to support EuroPython and its efforts to make EuroPython accessible to everyone, please contact

Thank you!

See you at EuroPython in Dublin!