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Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions (“T&C”) apply to all attendees, sponsors and other participants in the EuroPython 2022 conference (the “Event” or the “Conference”).

The “Organizers” of the Event: the EuroPython Society (EPS), having the registered address EuroPython Society, Ramnebacken 45, 424 38 Agnesberg, Sweden.

Event Date: 11 - 17 July 2022

Event Place: For the in-person event, The Convention Centre Dublin (the “CCD” or the “Venue”) in Dublin, Ireland. For the “Online Event”, a combination of tools used for the online Conference defined as “Online Platform”.

1. Registration

Registration for participation in the conference must be made via the Event Website. After purchase, the participant will receive an email from the Organizers as a confirmation of the acceptance of the purchase contract.

Each ticket is bound to a named participant which can be set after purchase. They can be reassigned, but only the person identified on the ticket is allowed to use the ticket (the “Participant”). This includes any URLs, passwords sent out to the Participant, which allow access to online media used during the Event.

Tickets may be subject to proper proof of eligibility (e.g. student ID or certificate). The Participants may be requested for such proof when picking up the ticket at the conference registration desk or by the Organizers at any point during the Event. If eligibility cannot be proven, the ticket can be converted into a standard ticket or refunded.

Some ticket categories only have a limited number of available tickets. The number of tickets is determined by the Organizers at their sole discretion.

For in-person events, the tickets can be picked up as badges at the conference registration desk on the first day of the Event. The badge permits access to the conference venue during the Event Days, subject to the ticket category.

For an online event, the confirmation email represents the ticket. It is also listed in the Participant’s account on the Event Website. The Participant will be granted access to the online media used during the online event either directly by logging in to the Event Website on the Event Days or indirectly via URLs sent to the registered email address, subject to the ticket category.

2. Payments

Unless otherwise stated, all prices include the currently applicable VAT rates as required by local and EU regulations.

Invoices can be downloaded on the Event Website by logging into the account which was used for the purchase. Invoices will be made available as soon as all relevant local registrations have gone into effect, in particular the registration for a local VAT ID.

Payments on the Event Website can only be made by debit or credit card. Other forms of payment are not possible.

For debit or credit card payments, the cards will be charged immediately following the application. Debit and credit card payments are handled by the service provider Stripe ( The Organizers do not store any card information.

3. Performance and Cancellation

Admission to the Event is granted based on tickets (“Event Tickets” or “Conference Passes”). The ticket fee listed on the Event Website covers the admission of the Event (or part thereof) to the extent defined on the Event Website for each ticket category. The same applies to any additional items which may be sold via the Event Website, such as e.g. SIM cards, tickets for museums, local transport, etc.

Changes to the program, the event content, schedule and the speakers may occur due to organizational reasons and are not considered as a breach of the purchase contract. There is no right to refunds for any unused services which were properly offered.

The Organizers are entitled to withdraw from the contract if carrying out the Event would be uneconomic (e.g. due to insufficient number of exhibitors, sponsors or participants). The same applies if the Event is canceled, in whole or in part, for reasons beyond their reasonable control, such as act of God, labor disputes, civil commotion, pandemics, epidemics, terrorism, vandalism, war, lack of power or utilities, floods, fire, acts of Government or regulatory authorities or other events of such effect that carrying out or the continuation of the event would be unreasonable in the circumstances. The Organizers are under no obligation to reorganize the event.

In case of a cancellation of the Event, all participants will be notified by the Organizers without delay and any payments made will be refunded. The Organizers’ liability is limited to refund of the participation fee. All other liability for participant claims is excluded except in cases of intent or gross negligence on the part of the Organizers. In particular, no claims may be made for refund of travel and accommodation costs, loss of working time or opportunity.

4. Refunds

The Event Tickets are fully refundable without stating a reason until June 11th, 2021 23:59:59 CEST (the “Refund End Time”). Refunds are no longer possible after that Refund End Time unless otherwise specified by the Organizers. The Organizers reserve the right to deduct administrative costs (bank, online payments services, etc) from the refund.

For in-person tickets, before June 11th, the participate can request a full refund from the order details link in the order confirmation email. After June 11th,refund requests must be made by email to the email address. The email must include the Order Code, Ticket IDs, name of the person who bought the ticket and the special circumstances.

For remote tickets, refunds can be requested until 26 June by emailing After 26 June, refund is not possible.

Refunds are processed via Stripe and will be paid back to the same payment card which was used for the purchase of the tickets.

Processing of the refunds will happen no later than 30 days after the end of the Event.

Alternatively, the ticket may be reassigned to another participant at no extra cost. Where eligibility constraints apply (e.g. students), the substitute participant must similarly provide the required proper proof of eligibility. If proof is not sufficiently provided, the substitute participant must pay the difference between the discounted ticket and the standard ticket price.

Revocation Rights

Conference tickets are not subject to the EU regulations on distance selling and the 14-day cooling off period. Outside the above refund policy, we do not provide refunds on ticket purchases after the Refund End Date.

5. Data Protection

The Organizers are considered data controllers under the terms of the Regulation (EU) No. 2016/679 (GDPR).

Please refer to our Data Protection Policy at for details on how your data is processed.

All attendees, sponsors and other participants of the conference have to declare their consent to the above privacy policy.

Right of Denial

The Organizers hereby notifies that the Participant has the right to deny the storage and use of their personal information for advertising and marketing use. If desired, participants may revoke their consent to the use of their personal information for the foregoing reasons, at any time. It is sufficient to do so by email to: or alternatively writing a letter to the Organizers.

Recordings and Photography

Participants may be photographed, filmed, or their voices recorded during the Event. Such recordings may be published by the Organizers and/or used for marketing purposes. Participation in the Event is conditional on the Participant’s consent to this.

In applying to participate in the event, the Participant gives a declaration of consent to video and audio recordings and photography during the Event and that such recordings may be published and used for marketing purposes by the Organizers and/or third parties.

6. Participant’s Obligations

Code of Conduct

The Participant accepts the EuroPython Code of Conduct (the “Code of Conduct”), which can be found at The Organizers may make alterations to the Code of Conduct from time to time. Minor alterations are not considered contractual deviations.

The Code of Conduct is part of this contract and shall be observed during participation in the event. The Participant consents to said Code of Conduct and shall comply with it.

Use of the Conference Platform

The Participant will ensure or accept that:

Use of the Venue and Online Platform

The following requirements applies to either in-person participants, or online participants, or both:

  1. For in-person participants, no animals (except guide dogs), no substance or article which is, in Venue's reasonable opinion, of a dangerous, explosive, hazardous or objectionable nature and/or no naked flame will be brought inside, outside or in the vicinity of the Venue, without written consent by the Organizers and subject to any conditions of such consent;
  2. In-person participants will not try to gain unauthorized access to the Venue and only use the entrances and exits to the Venue, designated as such by the Venue;
  3. For in-person participants, no act or thing is done inside, outside or in the vicinity of Venue, which may, in Organizer’s reasonable opinion, be or become a nuisance to the attendees, the Venue, its other customers or any premises or buildings in its vicinity;
  4. In-person participants will immediately comply with any requirements or directions made or given by Venue relating in any way to the health and safety of the participants, the Organizers, sponsors and Venue personnel;
  5. In-person participants should not bring food /or beverages (other than bottled water or soft drinks) into the Venue which have not been authorized by the Organizers in writing.
  6. For online participants, no attempt shall be made to gain unauthorized access to the Event, and will only use the invitation link sent to them for their own use; sharing the invitation link to the Online Event with unauthorized users can result in a ban from participation in the Event; the Organizers reserves the rights to investigate and deny entry to the Event should they suspect such unauthorized activities occur;
  7. The in-person participants shall not erect any stands, displays, advertisements, signs, notices, or other similar matters in the Venue; or fix any items to the walls, floor or other temporary or permanent structures of Venue. Similarly, the online participants should not have any form of advertisement on the Conference Platform, unless authorized to by the Organizers.
  8. for online participants, no recordings of sessions or chat transcripts run on the Conference Platform will be created, streamed or otherwise made accessible outside the Conference Platform, unless authorized by the Organizers;


Unless tended by the childminders in the Venue, children/minors younger than 18 years old must be accompanied by an adult guardian at all times during the event, who accepts full liability for this child/minor. Consent to the privacy policies throughout our websites and this Terms & Conditions have to be given by the aforementioned adult. Please contact for further information or instructions.

Exclusion from the Event

The Organizers may exclude participants from the event in cases of serious breaches of the obligations outlined in the above sections. The Participant shall have no right to a refund of the participation fee/s in such an event.

7. Limitation of Liability

Admission to the Event is provided on an 'as-is' basis. The Organizers do not accept any responsibility or liability for reliance by you or any person on any aspect of the Event or any information provided at the Event. You agree not to hold the Organizers liable for any loss or damage incurred as the result of any contracts, communications or other dealings or the presence of any third parties in the Venue or on the Conference Platform.

The Organizers are not liable for external links to content or content entered by users, participants, sponsors, partners or the Organizers, on the Conference Platform or Event Website, and which is not under the control of the Organizers.

Participants must make provision for their own insurance.

The Organizers shall not be liable for the following:

  1. for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential loss, costs, injury or damage to any person or property howsoever caused arising directly or indirectly from the Event or other aspects related thereto or in connection with the Event;
  2. for any expenses incurred due to the cancellation of the Event and/or change of the venue and/or the date of the Event, except the refund of the participation fee;
  3. for any delays, interruptions or errors in the transmission or delivery of any services;
  4. for any other costs incurred to the Participant in relation to the Event.

8. Miscellaneous

Changes and additions to this contract and any collateral agreements shall only be valid if made in writing. In the event of invalid or ineffective singular provisions in these terms and conditions, the validity and effect of the remaining provisions shall remain unaffected. Swedish law applies. English is the controlling language for this agreement.


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