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The What, Where and When of EuroPython 2022

EuroPython 2022 will be held on 11-17th July. It will be both in person and virtual. In person, it will be held at The Convention Centre Dublin (The CCD), Ireland. Details of the virtual conference will be published soon.

The conference will follow this broad plan of events:

  • Two Workshop/Tutorial Days (11-12 July, Mon-Tue)
  • Three Conference Days (13-15 July, Wed-Fri)
  • Sprint Weekend (16-17 July, Sat-Sun)

Ticket Types

We understand attendees have different needs, so we've created three types of ticket to give folks maximum flexibility and value for money:

  • Conference Tickets: Access to Conference & Sprint Weekend (13-17 July). There will be limited access to specific sponsored/special workshops during the Workshop/Tutorial Days (11-12 July).
  • Tutorial Tickets: Access to Workshop/Tutorial Days (11-12 July) and the Sprint Weekend (16-17 July), but NOT the main conference (13-15 July).
  • Combined Tickets: Access to everything during the whole seven-day event (11-17 July).

Which Ticket Tier Should I buy?

Each of the three ticket types is available in three payment tiers.

We encourage and trust you to pick a fair ticket tier that fits your personal circumstance. The money you spend will be put straight back into the community to support our diversity initiatives, financial aid programmes and other grants offered to the European Python community.

  • Business Tickets: for attendees whose company/business is paying for them to attend, or if you use Python professionally. As someone with the means to afford this tier you help us keep the conference affordable for everyone. Thank you!
  • Personal Tickets: for those who enjoy Python as a hobbyist or use it as a freelancer.
  • Education Tickets: for students, and teachers working in the education sector (your main employment is at a school, college or university).

Note: If you need a proper VAT invoice listing your company's name, please purchase a business ticket. Personal Tickets do not include a company name. We will list the ticket tier and type on your conference badge to accommodate the registration staff.

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Early Bird Ticket Sales

We're offering a flat 33% discount across all tiers for Early Bird Conference Tickets!

We have a total of 250 Early Bird tickets (130 Business, 80 Personal, 40 Education) available when we open up ticket sales on Thursday, 17th March 2022 13:00 CET. These tickets will be obtained on a first come, first serve basis. When they're gone, they're all gone!

We'll switch to regular ticket sales as soon as Early Bird tickets are sold out.

NOTE: During our last in-person conference at Basel in 2019, the Early Bird tickets sold out in 15 minutes.

Ticket Prices

Business Tickets

  • Conference Only Business Early Bird - Net price €395.00 + 23% VAT
  • Conference Only Business - Net price €595.00 + 23% VAT
  • Tutorial Only Business - Net price €416.50 + 23% VAT
  • Combined Business - Net price €810.00 + 23% VAT

Education Tickets

  • Conference Only Education Early Bird - €95.00 incl. 23% VAT
  • Conference Only Education - €145.00 incl. 23% VAT
  • Tutorial Only Education - €100.00 incl. 23% VAT
  • Combined Education - €195.00 incl. 23% VAT

Personal Tickets

  • Conference Only Personal Early Bird - €250.00 incl. 23% VAT
  • Conference Only Personal - €375.00 incl. 23% VAT
  • Tutorial Only Personal - €225.00 incl. 23% VAT
  • Combined Personal - €480.00 incl. 23% VAT

Volume Discount for Teams

Is your company attending the conference as a team? We offer the following volume discount (Early Bird tickets excluded):

  • get 5 business tickets of any type for the price of 4
  • get 10 business tickets of any type for the price of 8
  • get 15 business tickets of any type for the price of 11

Note: Volume discount will not apply if you mix & match between different ticket types.

Ready to order? We have configured the discount to be automatic! Put your orders in the basket and enjoy! As a special thank you, if you want us to send send out a mention on Twitter welcoming your team, feel free to email us at 👐

Notes for In-person Tickets

  • Every ticket includes break refreshments and a light lunch for each day.

  • Free Childcare: Children are welcome but need to be accompanied by their legal guardian. If you are attending with your children, please register a ticket for yourself and select how many children will require childcare at checkout.

  • We would like to encourage you to book your ticket early. This makes it easier for us to plan for the event and arrange important things like the catering, badge printing, and a million other things you'd never imagine would be involved in organising a conference.

  • If you have any questions, please check our FAQ document. If you still have questions, we're happy to help so don't hesitate to email our EuroPython Helpdesk (staffed by wonderful volunteers).

Online Tickets

To be announced later.

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How can I get a refund?

We understand that things can be especially complicated during a pandemic. We aim to offer a full refund of your ticket(s) if your circumstances change. Before 11 June, you can request a full refund from the order details link in your order confirmation email. After the date, please email us at if you need a refund due to special circumstances.