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Thanks to MicroPython, embedded devices, wearables, and other funky hardware projects are a reality for Pythonistas. Making, exploring and sharing such cool stuff is what the MakerFest is all about. Don’t just use Python to blink an LED… the Pythonic embedded world is so much more interactive, connected and empowering than most realise, with the only limit being your imagination.

If you’re a Maker, educator, or just interested in planning, putting together and programming “things”, then our MakerFest is for you!

NOTE: You will need to have a conference ticket to attend MakerFest.

MakerFest @ EuroPython

MakerFest takes place during EuroPython conference days, Wednesday 13 July to Friday 15 July, at The Convention Centre Dublin.

We will have a dedicated Maker area for showcasing projects, workshops, hardware and maker-related organisations such as micro:bit, Northern Ireland Raspberry Jam, TOG Hackerspace and MakerMeet. Activities will appeal to all levels of age*, experience and skill.

NOTE: Attendees under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent/legal guardian.

Interested in taking part?

Do you have a funky project you want to share with the world? Why not present it as a workshop or display at the MakerFest?

Register your interest now!