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EuroPython 2022 Photos

Official Photos

Check out the official photographs of the EuroPython 2022 - savour, relive & share the highlights of the Pythonic week of joy in Dublin & remote ❤️ 🐍

taken by Larissa Oliveira & Liam McCafferty

EuroPython 2022 Official Photos!
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Community Photos

How to add your photos

Want to share highlights of YOUR EuroPython 2022? It's easy!

  • EuroPython 2022 Community Group on Flickr: If you already have your photos on Flickr, we made a community public group: populate it now with your beautiful photos and memories!
  • If you do not have your photos on Flickr or want to share your Flickr album here anyway, get them listed:

    • Make an album of the photos you want to share in any file-sharing service of choice. Then:

    • Option 1: Add at at the bottom of this page by creating a pull request on our website; OR

    • Option 2: Send the link to your album to and we'll add it for you.

Community Photos Showcase

Album by Vicky Twomey-Lee.