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Handling Errors the Graceful Way in Python

Liffey B
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Things rarely go as planned, especially in the world of programming. Errors are the bane of a programmer’s existence. You write an awesome piece of code, are ready to execute it and build a powerful machine learning model, and then poof. Python throws up an unexpected error, ending your hope of quick code execution.



In the process of programming, we are always going to encounter various errors. Things rarely go as planned, especially in the world of programming. Errors are unavoidable when writing code, which can be frustrating at times. Every single one of us has faced this issue and emerged from it a better programmer. Dealing with bugs and errors is what builds our confidence in the long run and teaches us valuable lessons along the way. So, in this talk, we'll discuss different ways of handling errors and making our lives a little better. We'll talk about how code written with effective exception handling strategies can help us to catch bugs early in the software developmental cycle.

The speaker

Riya Bansal

Riya Bansal is an enthusiastic and passionate Software Engineer at Microsoft with 3 years of experience with enterprise volume licensing products and Microservice technologies. Riya has a lot of experience working with Data Lakes as well. She has worked from small-sized Startups to large MNCs and gained a lot of experience over the years. She is a big Pythonista and really interested in writing Python considering the best practices. Apart from that, Riya has also led an amazing Python Community which is a volunteer-driven organization of amazing Pythonistas, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, researchers, students, and many more with a primary interest in Python. She has also been awarded the Google Women Tech makers Scholarship for her leadership skills and impact on the community of women in tech as well. She has mentored over 10000+ students in the past.

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