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How to setup your development workflow to keep your code clean

Liffey Hall 2
12:45 on 12 July 2022
180 minutes


Clean code is something every developer should aim for, but how to make sure code is actually clean? How much should be invested in that endeavor? Whose responsibility is it?

In this workshop, we will go through all the aspects and stages to setup your development workflow to help you take ownership of the quality of your code.

We will take a simple application as a starting point and simulate a full development cycle, including coding in the IDE and opening a pull request on GitHub. We will create a CI pipeline triggering code quality monitoring using Sonar tools. More specifically, we will be using SonarCloud as a central platform to monitor code quality and SonarLint to detect issues directly in the IDE.

At the end of the workshop, you will be ready to enable such integration for your own projects.


The speaker

Guillaume Dequenne

I work for Sonar in Geneva, Switzerland where I develop static code analysis tools for Python.

When not working, I'm usually found snowboarding or hiking in the mountains.

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