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Making AI Happen at Your Company

Liffey Hall 1
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30 minutes


All one needs is strategy, skill and resources to make digitalization and AI happen. So why is everything taking so long? Shouldn’t you all be finished yesterday already? An honest talk about how to address the complexity of making AI happen in enterprises.

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Many incumbents are transitioning to new technologies while their businesses operate on systems that are years or decades old. Introducing new technologies is not just about introducing Open Source or introducing community culture or working agile or SCRUM or explaining the complicated technology stuff to executives. The truth is: it requires all of it and likely even more. Mastering innovation requires having many balls in the air at once. In this talk I’ll present a transformation use case of an established player including our best practices and anti-patterns. We will discuss the following aspects:

  • From idea to strategy
  • Assessing the status quo
  • Introducing Python and Open Source and what to use (or not)
  • Legacy is in the the house, still
  • Getting all departments on the same page
  • Introducing a community-driven collaborative culture

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