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Mercury - Build & Share Data Apps from Jupyter Notebook

Liffey Hall 2
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30 minutes


Have you ever wished to magically transform your notebook into a web app and share it with non-coders? The Mercury is a new open-source framework for converting Jupyter Notebook to a web app.

TalkPyData: Software Packages & Jupyter


The Mercury is a new framework for converting Jupyter Notebook to a web app. The widgets are constructed based on the YAML config (similar to R Markdown). The user can tweak the values of the widgets and execute the notebook from the top to the bottom. The notebook sharing is as simple as sending a link. What is more, you can decide whether to show or hide the code.

In the talk, I would like to show how the Python notebook can be converted to a web app and deployed to the cloud.

The speaker

Piotr Płoński

Software engineer with a passion for creating Data Science tools. Working on Mercury (framework for converting notebooks to web apps) and MLJAR AutoML (Automatic Machine Learning for Tabular Data).

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