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Python & Visual Studio Code - Revolutionizing the way you do data science

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Visual Studio Code along with GitHub, Codespaces, and Azure Machine Learning have been investing substantially into tools and platforms to make the lives of Python data scientists easier, and we want to share why VS Code is now the #1 tool for Python Data Scientists according to the 2021 Python Software Foundation Developer Survey, and how you can leverage VS Code to take your data science productivity to the next level.

This talk will walk through several common Python data science scenarios, showcasing all the productive tooling VS Code has to offer along the way. As a sneak peek, we will be demoing a best in class Jupyter Notebooks experience with VS Code Notebooks, a revolutionary new data cleaning / preparation experience with Data Wrangler in VS Code, collaboration features with GitHub and Codespaces, Azure Machine Learning for deployment, and more!

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The speaker

Jeffrey Mew

Jeffrey Mew is a Product Manager at Microsoft working on Python Data Science and AI tooling in VS Code. Specifically, he focuses on making the lives of Data Scientists easier across our ecosystem. Jeffrey holds his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Waterloo. He is a lover of dogs and Python (the language, still unsure about the snake).

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