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Robyn: An async Python web framework with a Rust runtime

Wicklow Hall 1
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30 minutes


Python web frameworks, like FastAPI, Flask, Quartz, Tornado, and Twisted, are important for writing high-performance web applications and for their contributions to the web ecosystem. However, even they posit some bottlenecks either due to their synchronous nature or due to the usage of python runtime. Most of them don’t have the ability to speed themselves due to their dependence on *SGIs. This is where Robyn comes in. Robyn tries to achieve near-native Rust throughput along with the benefit of writing code in Python. In this talk, we will learn more about Robyn. From what is Robyn to the development in Robyn.



With the effort put in at every Python version to increase the runtime performance, we know that throughput efficiency is one of the top priority items in the Python ecosystem.

Inspired by the extensibility and ease of use of the Python Web ecosystem and the increased focus on performance, Robyn was born.

Robyn is one of the fastest, if not the fastest Python web framework in the current Python web ecosystem. With a runtime written in Rust, Robyn tries to achieve near-native rust performance while still having the ease of writing Python code.

This talk will demonstrate the reasons why Robyn was created, the technical decisions behind Robyn, the increased performance by using the rust runtime, how to use Robyn to develop web apps, and most importantly, how the community is helping Robyn grow! Finally, I will be sharing the future plans of Robyn and would love to get feedback from the developers to see what they would like to see in it.

The speaker

Sanskar Jethi

Sanskar is a Software Engineer at Bloomberg, London during the day and a FOSS maintainer during the night. He is the author and maintainer of Robyn, which is one of the faster web frameworks in the Python ecosystem.

Sanskar loves attending, speaking and organising conferences and has been an active part of various Open Source and Python conferences.

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