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Self-explaining APIs

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60 minutes


To mash up various APIs, data need to have a well defined meaning: imagine meshing up healthcare APIs using different units for human temperature, or financial APIs using different currencies.

This talk describes strategies and python tools to overcome these problems in large API ecosystems such as data exchanges between different countries.

TalkSoftware Engineering & Architecture


This talk will present strategies and python tools to create semantically interoperable REST APIs. After the problem statement, various solutions will be presented, including:

  • contract-first api development with OpenAPI 3, ontologies and controlled vocabularies like the ones published by the European Union;
  • the rdflib and pyld python libraries for processing json-ld and RDF files;
  • the use of centralized catalogs such as


  • no prior knowledge of semantics and ontologies;
  • practical experience with OpenAPI, json schema and data modeling and API design in general.

The speaker

Roberto Polli

Roberto joined in the Italian Digital Transformation Department - to create a national API Ecosystem based on internet standards.

He's a Red Hat Certified Engineer and MySQL/MongoDB certified DBA, but loves maintaining free software.

A life ago he took a Math degree, and he's really proud of it.

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