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EuroPython 2022 Social Event

After the keynotes and talks on Thursday, July 14, we've organized a social event for you at the conference venue, the Dublin Convention Centre (CCD). Join us for an evening party with food, drinks and live traditional Irish music!

Social Event Ticket

Please note: The social event is not included in the conference ticket!

Tickets for the social event are available in our general ticket store at a price of 20 €. Make sure to look above the "Remote Tickets" header where you will find the Social Event Ticket entry. We only have a limited number of tickets available, so book early if you want to be sure to get a ticket!

As for our regular tickets, you can pay using a debit or credit card. Unless otherwise mentioned, all prices include 23% Irish VAT.

Interested in join the party?

Buy your ticket now!

Social Event Summary (all times are local/Dublin times)

  • Where: The conference venue, the CCD.
  • When: Thursday July 14, starting at 19:00
  • Price: 20 € (not refundable). The ticket includes a bento box, and a welcome drink (you have to pay for drinks yourself after that) and live traditional Irish music.
  • Schedule:
    • 19:00 Event starts: chat & laugh with each other!
    • 20:00 - 22:00 Live Traditional Irish Music - Listen to music played by 3 local Irish musicians. There will be a couple of dancers who’ll be there to show you how to join in with the dancing throughout the show, should you want to try. Of course nobody will force you to dance if that were not your thing :-)
    • 22:00 - 23:30 Social continues
    • 23:30 Bar closing.


Our social event sponsor, has organised a raffle! They will also have some printed flyers available at the registration desk during the conference days. These flyers will have a QR code that you can use to sign up for the raffle. Alternatively, you can use the URL above. will do two rounds of raffle extractions during the social event.

Live Entertainment

“The Full Shilling" is a new and exciting collective of musicians from Dublin, Ireland. Their lively set consists of a mix of Irish songs and dances and are guaranteed to get the toes tapping!

For this Thursday's gig we are joined by three wonderful musicians, Eoghan Scott (guitar/vocals), Sarah-May Rogers (vocals/fiddle), Claire Sherry (banjo). They will also have a special guest appearance of two world famous dancers, Jean Kennedy and Ciaran McManus who have just returned from a tour with Lord of the Dance! Come along and enjoy the craic!

Food Selection

We have a selection of Bento boxes to cater for most preferences. The menu will be:

  • Grilled chicken with tabbouleh, tender stem broccoli, pomegranate.
  • Marinated Salmon with sesame and galangal, quinoa and oriental cabbage.
  • Sautéed tempeh with rice noodle and black radish galangal and baby corn.

Accompanied with: California maki roll with wasabi and soya sun-dried tomato sourdough. Followed by: Raspberry cheesecake with raspberry jelly.

We will also have vegan options.