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Antonis Christofides

Antonis Christofides


I've been writing software for more than 30 years. I’ve written software to streamline the management of hydro/meteorological measurements; to make time series visualization and processing easy; to provide irrigation advice; and much more. I have been working with automatic meteorological stations since 1992; I’ve occasionally written programs to interface directly with meteorological loggers; I’ve dug out dusty old handwritten weather observations and keyed them in myself; I have created various web sites and web-accessible databases; I’ve administrated servers, including email and network, and high-availability databases with automatic failover. I have written the book on Django deployment (

In research, I’ve worked on water-related decision making when there are conflicting objectives; on evaluation of climate models; on causation and determinism in hydrology and the climate; and more. My opinion on climate change is that there is no evidence that it is man-made.

I help scientists and engineers create software. In particular, I help them bring their models to the web.

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