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Please note that the above are hard deadlines. We cannot accept submissions after the listed dates and will not issue refunds in case the deadlines are not met.

For details, please refer to the relevant sections below.


Ticket Registration & Assignment Process

  • Purchase all the complimentary / discounted tickets in bulk by using the voucher links sent to you. They will be sent out to the sponsor representative. Please follow the direct email instructions and purchase all of the tickets you are entitled to.

  • Assign the tickets to every team member that you have chosen to attend the conference. You can assign them by changing your order details after you make the order. Click the order URL in your order confirmation email from with the Subject: Your order: <XXXX> and amend accordingly.

    Deadline for registering and assigning the tickets: June 27


Exhibition Schedule

Exhibit Days: during the three main conference days: Wednesday to Friday, 13-15 July 2022.

Exhibit Hours: 9:00 - 18:00 on Wednesday & Thursday; 9:00 - 17:00 on Friday.

All booths should be staffed at least during the official breaks. It is highly recommended that they will be staffed throughout the opening hours, especially the more prominent ones, such as Keystone and Diamond.

Exhibit Booths

Sponsors of Silver and above will all be assigned a booth, ranging from 6-56 sqm depending on the package.

Please refer to the EuroPython 2022 - Exhibit Booths.pdf for mockups and what is included in your booth, as part of your sponsorship package.

Booth Build and Teardown

  • Build Time: Tuesday 8:00-16:00; sponsors can enter between 16:00-18:00
  • Teardown Time: Friday 17:00; nobody allowed after the teardown starts.

Booth Builder Contact

We have contracted OBExpo to set up and manage the booths. You can reach out to Tony O'Brien with your booth related questions:

Booth & Counter Graphic

Booth graphic: All booths include a Wall Banner Graphic that covers the entire back wall of your booth. It is highly recommended that you submit a company specific custom graphic for your booth. The pricing is already included in your package.

You can upgrade to a single Stretched Graphic design. See Booth Customisation for details.

Note: these wall banners with your graphic can be taken down afterwards for future reuse.

Counter graphic: All booths include at least one counter. Depending on the booth level, the amount and size can range. It is highly recommended that you submit a company specific custom graphic for the counter(s).

Should you choose not to submit your own graphic, a default EuroPython Society one will be provided.

Graphic Submission Guide

Graphics should be submitted directly to OBExpo, as specified below:

  • Please refer to EuroPython 2022 - Exhibit Booths.pdf for the dimensions of the back wall of your booth, and of the counter(s).

    *Note: Keystone and Diamond booths will need two Wall Banner graphics to cover the entire back wall.**

  • Refer to EuroPython 2022- Booth Order Forms.pdf page 8 - artwork for file and delivery specifications.

    Note: OBExpo has specifically asked us to emphasise that emailing or using WeTransfer or YouSendit are their preferred methods of sending the files. Permission based file sharing systems such as Google Drive or OneDrive are less preferred.

    Deadline for submitting Booth Graphics: 2022-06-24

    Submission Channel: Contact Tony from OBExpo contact:

Booth Customisation and Add-ons

All booth graphics can be upgraded from the default Wall Banner Graphic to Stretched Graphics.

There are other add-ons you can order, such as TV sets and furniture for your booth.

For all upgrades and add-on orders, please fill in the EuroPython 2022- Booth Order Forms.pdf and send it to Tony O’Brien from OBExpo directly:

Deadline for ordering booth customisation and addons: 2022-06-24. A 30% surcharge will apply afterwards.

Submission Channel: Contact Tony from OBExpo:

Parcel Delivery & Gifts

We aim to actively reduce the carbon footprint of the EuroPython conference series. Throughout the planning of the much anticipated EuroPython Dublin, we are mindful of sustainability. We made the distribution of physical gifts optional. Instead of staffing bags with your gifts, we give you the freedom to distribute them at your booth. We strongly encourage you to distribute gifts made of environmentally friendly materials, to focus on quality rather than quantity to reduce waste.

Shipping and customs for your goods are handled by Interflow.


NOTE: Caroline is the new designated coordinator overseeing all EuroPython shipment. Please make sure to contact her for shipping.

Here are shipping information provided by Interflow:


  • Deadline for orders: 2022-06-30
  • Deadline for receiving to the warehouse: 2022-07-06

If you have any last-minute orders, please contact Interflow and keep them in the loop.

Leads Collection

We don't offer any specific feature for lead collection. You are welcome to talk to attendees and ask for their information and consent to be contacted. You can ask for our attendees’ permission to have the QR code of their badge scanned. These QR codes contain vCard 3.0 records with their name, affiliation and email addresses. QR code scanners will not be provided but you are free to bring your own or use any app of your choice to save these contact records. You can also use the leads for prize draws, games, party invites or other attendee interaction ideas.

Friendly reminder: the data collection process is subject to GDPR. And our Code of Conduct should be adhered to at all times.

Sponsored Content

Talks | Workshops/Tutorials | Posters

As part of your sponsorship package, it might include a sponsored talk, workshop/tutorial or poster session. You can find the details for each:

  • Sponsored Talk: a 30 min slot as part of the official conference schedule during the Conference Days (13-15 July, 2022)
  • Sponsored Workshop/Tutorial: a 180 min slot as part of the official conference schedule during the Workshop/Tutorial Days (11-12 July, 2022)
  • Sponsored Poster: the poster will be displayed on the poster wall during the Conference Days. A dedicated presentation slot will be allocated to the presenter for targeted interactions.

You can check out previous years’ lineup for inspiration:

2021 Programme, 2020 Programme, 2019 Programme

Deadline for informing us of the presenter, presentation title & abstract or poster PDF: 2022-06-10

Submission Channel:


Job Board Ad on Website

All sponsors with sponsorship levels Bronze and above are eligible for posting a job ad on our Job-board page .

If you are interested in submitting an ad, please send the job ad to EuroPython 2022 Sponsor Assets Submission Form. We will then place it on the website after review.

We will post a maximum of three job ads per sponsor. Please include a short company introduction, the job title, a short job description and a contact address.

For an example of how this looks like, please check out the 2021 Job Board .

Deadline for sending in the text for Job Board Ad on Website: 2022-06-27.

Submission Channel: EuroPython 2022 Sponsor Assets Submission Form

Recruiting Email Ad

For all sponsors with sponsorship levels silver and above, if you are interested in us sending a recruiting email on your behalf, please submit the following information to EuroPython 2022 Sponsor Assets Submission Form:

  • title

  • description (up to 100 words)

  • A URL to the recruiting ad on your own website.

    We will send these during the event to the attendees who have opted in to receive job ads from sponsors.

Deadline for or sending in the text for the Recruiting Email Ad: 2022-06-27

Submission Channel: EuroPython 2022 Sponsor Assets Submission Form

On-site Job Board

For your recruiting ad on the on-site job-board, you can bring along a printed ad and pin it on the whiteboard yourself.

Recruiting session

The 45 min recruiting session will take place during one of the Conference Days (13-15 July). The exact details will be confirmed at a later date along with the conference schedule.

The recruiting session will give each sponsor a chance to give a 3 minute pitch, presenting their company and their job offers. Attendees can then go to your booth to have direct follow-up chats with you. Please remember to specify the location of your booth so that attendees can find and talk to you.

Please register your interest by sending an email with the subject "EuroPython 2022 Sponsor Recruiting session: your company name" to, before 8th July with the following information:

  • Name of your company

  • Name and email of the person giving the pitch for your company

  • Will you be using slides?

  • If you are using slides, please send the file to us as backup in the same email, within the same deadline.

    You can also check out the 2019 Recruiting Session to get an idea how it looked like in our last in-person conference.

    Deadline for submitting Recruiting Session Presentation: 2022-07-08.

    Submission Channel:

Sponsor Promo

Your company's logo will be put together in various promotional materials, both in digital and print media. You should have already been asked to submit your logo both in PNG and a vector format (SVG, PDF, etc), when you sign up as a sponsor.

If you fail to submit your logo at the time of signup or before 17th June, your logo might not be included in some printing materials.

Deadline for submitting sponsor logo: 2022-06-17

Submission Channel: when you sign up as a sponsor or email later.

For Platinum, Diamond and Keystone Level sponsors, we will run blog posts highlighting the sponsor. The Communications team can help you craft a technical case study blog post. They will be posted on EuroPython's .

Separately, Diamond and Keystone sponsors get to write one extra technical case study blog post to be published on our regular EuroPython Blog, which also goes to our Twitter account and mailing lists. You may also opt to cross post the same blog across and the EuropPython blog.

For each blog post, we will require at least 3 paragraphs of text and ideally a picture we can use (if you don't have a picture, we can use your logo as well).

The text should be written to highlight technical case study related to Python, e.g. how you solved a problem or improved performance with Python. It should address a technically oriented audience.

You can check out the 2020 Keystone Sponsor blog post to get an idea.

Some good technical case Study examples:

Feel free to tie in any talk/special event you are organising at our conference at the end. After you've sent in the draft, we will forward it to our Communications Team for editing.

Deadline for sending the Blog Post text and picture: 2022-06-17

Submission Channel:

Virtual Swag Page

Sponsors of Silver and above can be featured on our Virtual Swag Page of the website. We will list the page on our website as a swag page. If you have prepared any coupon codes, digital gifts, we can distribute them for you via the page. What you are eligible to submit depends on your sponsorship level:

  • Silver: Submit a URL that features any promotional campaign for our attendees. Link is clickable from your company logo. If you do not have a URL campaign, but would rather submit graphics, we can also link to that.

  • Gold & Platinum: Submit a PDF brochure featuring your company or any promotions/gifts + everything included in the Silver level.

  • Keystone & Diamond: Submit a sponsor blurb (up to 100 words) + everything included in the Gold & Platinum level.

    Note: In order to avoid any file uploading issue, please upload the PDF brochure to your preferred file hosting service (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, WeTransfer, etc) and only submit the link to the above form.

Deadline for sending in all the materials featured in the Virtual Swag Page: 2022-06-17

Submission Channel: EuroPython 2022 Sponsor Assets Submission Form

Video Ads

These are the two type of video ads we request from you:

  • Video ads on digital signage: no audio, up to 30 seconds each - these will be cut into one big video to be played in various locations at the venue.

  • Video ads on streaming channels: with audio, up to 30 seconds each - these will be played during breaks for the audience joining remotely.

File specification: in MP4 format of 720p or 1080p resolution.

You can submit different ads files to be played in these slots. Or alternatively, the same file will be played multiple times.

How many video ads you wish to submit is entirely up to you. We recommend between 2 to 10 video ad files. The higher the sponsorship level, the more ad share you will get. Please note, in order not to run into any attachment max size issue, please upload everything you need to send us to a file hosting service (e.g. Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer, OneDrive, etc) and only send us the link by 17th June.

Deadline for sending in the links to all the Video Ads: 2022-06-17

Submission Channel: EuroPython 2022 Sponsor Assets Submission Form

Keystone and Diamond level sponsors may request adding up to 3 questions to our feedback form which we will send to attendees near the end of the conference.

This is a great way to get an idea of how well the sponsorship worked out.

Please submit 1-3 questions, which could be multiple choice, free text or rating questions (1 to 5). The form will be left open for around 1-2 months after the conference. We will send them to you afterwards.

Deadline for submitting the Sponsor Feedback Questions: 2022-06-27

Submission Channel: EuroPython 2022 Sponsor Assets Submission Form

Three Emails to Attendees (opt-in)

Keystone sponsor is eligible to draft three emails of your choice and have the organisers send them on your behalf to attendees who have opted to receive sponsor emails. You can take the opportunity to tie in with the blog post and recruiting emails/posts, introduce a particular activity or highlight of your company, or point attendees to something really technical and geeky about your company. It is entirely up to you how many emails, if any, you wish us to send and which angle you wish to take in each.

Deadline for submitting the draft of the three emails: Any time before or during the conference days.

Submission Channel:

All sponsors of Bronze and above can get a single retweet of one of your tweets to the followers of our @europython Twitter account. Please note that we normally do not retweet from companies, so signing up as a EuroPython sponsor is a good way to get a retweet.

Sponsor of Keystone, Diamond, Platinum additionally get to suggest a single tweet, which we'll send to the followers of our @europython Twitter account.

  • For the retweet, please email with the subject "EuroPython 2022 Retweet: <your company name>"during or before the conference mentioning the URL of the tweet. We will then schedule it for a retweet.
  • For the tweet, please email with the subject "EuroPython 2022 Tweet: <your company name>" during or before the conference mentioning the tweet text. We will then review it and schedule it after approval.

Deadline for submitting retweet URL and the tweet text: Any time before or during the conference days.

Submission Channel:

LinkedIn Reshare

Sponsor of Keystone, Diamond and Platinum get a single reshare of one of your posts to the subscriber of EuroPython’s LinkedIn group. We normally do not reshare from companies, so signing up as a EuroPython sponsor is a good way to get the exposure.

In order to get the reshare scheduled, please email with the subject "EuroPython 2022 LinkedIn Reshare: <your company name>" during or before the conference mentioning the URL of the reshare. We will then schedule it for a retweet.

Deadline for submitting Linkedin Reshare URL: Any time before or during the conference days.

Submission Channel:

Participation in Daily Prize Draw Announcements

For Platinum, Diamond and Keystone Level sponsors, you are eligible to participate in daily prize draw. Simply email the details before noon of the day of the prize draw so an organiser can announce it at the end of the day.

Deadline for submitting daily prize draw details: before noon of the prize draw day

Submission Channel: email