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EuroPython 2022 Sprint Info


    • Sprint Room 1: Liffey Hall 1 (# A bit quiet as of 10am Sat)
    • Sprint Room 2: Wicklow Hall 2A
    • Sprint Room 3: Wicklow Hall 2B
    • Quiet Room: Wicklow Meeting Room 1
    • Coffee & Lunch: Level 1 Foyer & Level 2 Foyer

    • 09:30 - 11:00 Sprint Session
    • 11:00 - 11:15 Coffee Break
    • 11:15 - 13:00 Sprint Session
    • 13:00 - 14:00 Lunch Break
    • 14:00 - 15:15 Sprint Session
    • 15:15 - 15:30 Coffee Break
    • 15:30 - 17:00 Sprint Session


Sprints will be run on the conference weekend: Saturday & Sunday 16 & 17 Jul on the conference venue.

As is tradition, sprints are not organised by the conference organisers, but instead run by the participants who want to put on a sprint. We only provide the rooms and guidance on how to run the sprints.

What is a “Sprint” ?

Most open source software development happens on the internet and developers usually communicate online only when working on projects. This usually works out fine, but the lack of live meetings can sometimes be a limiting factor in making good progress.

For this reason, a form of impromptu coding meetups called “sprints” or “hackathons” (outside the Python community, the term “hackathon” is more common) were initiated, where developers interested in a project can get together for a short period of time to make quick progress. Since conferences provide the perfect occasion to meet, sprints are made part of the conference program.

Organising a Sprint

We have 3 rooms at The CCD dedicated to the sprint weekend:

  • Liffey Hall 1, at Level 1; capacity: 50
  • Liffey Hall 2, at Level 1; capacity: 50
  • Wicklow Hall 2, at Level 2; capacity: 200

If you are planing to run a sprint at EuroPython 2022, please add it at the bottom of this page creating a PR to our website

Remember to announce it on the social channels too!

Many thanks !

2022 Sprints listings

Please add your sprint here!

Example Project sprint (copy this for your project)

  • Number of people: 5
  • Room: Liffey Hall 1
  • Python Level: any
  • Contact: helpdesk@europython
  • Links: https://your_project_url/README.src

Mu Editor 🐮 🐍 🎉


Mypy & mypyc sprint

blume and gotu


🌱 Run containers on the cloud using green energy

Untitled Azure Project

Just learning to use Python with Azure...!

  • Number of people: Me + whoever would like to be learn as well!
  • Room: Liffey Hall 1
  • Python Level: any
  • Contact: Richard Jackson - / @jacksorjacksor
  • Links: Azure on Python


Python on microcontrollers.

Update ansible-community/pytest-ansible

Pytest-ansible isn't compatible with the latest versions of ansible or python, lets create a PR to change that. Disclaimer - I haven't comitted to pytest-ansible before, just a keen user.


Mitogen is a library for fast zero-install remote execution of Python and accerlating Ansible.



  • Number of people: myself and anyone who wants to learn HPy
  • Wicklow Hall 2 (Saturday only)
  • Python Level: medium/advanced
  • Contact:
  • Links:


  • Number of people: myself and 2-3 more
  • Room: Wicklow Hall 2
  • Python Level: basic Python knowledge
  • Contact: Cheuk (I am not the maintainer)
  • Links:

Pwndbg (GDB plugin)

  • Number of people: myself and ppl who want to learn or contribute
  • Room: Wicklow Hall 2 (Saturday only)
  • Python level: medium
  • Contact: Disconnect3d
  • Links:



Hugging Face + Gradio Hackathon

  • Number of people: 3 maintainers + anyone willing to join
  • Build Machine Learning demos. You can also join if you don't know much about ML!
  • Liffey Hall 2
  • Python Level: any
  • Links: