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EuroPythonCode of ConductLive 📹

EuroPython is organized and run by volunteers from the Python community, but we're only a few and need your help to make the show run as smoothly as possible, so we'd appreciate more help from the EuroPython attendees, if possible.

This page explains some of the tasks we have available for you.

Being a volunteer means to give your time for free, without expecting anything back, just for the pleasure of being a part of this amazing conference.

In return, we will have a small number of perks for you, some small gifts to say "thank you" for your time and for your help.

Things to remember

  • To enter the conference you need a ticket
  • Yo can sign up to any tasks on our Volunteer App before you have bought a ticket
  • You will not earn a ticket for being a volunteer

How to sign up

  • Fill this form and we will contact and onboard you.
  • If you want to save some time you can:
    • Acknowledge our EuroPython 2022 Data Privacy Policy. This is needed, since many of you will have to handle private data as part of e.g. helping at the registration desk.
    • Assign yourself to available shifts on the Operations spreadsheet. (You will get the link after signing the Data Privacy Policy.)
    • Sign up to the Europython Volunteers discord server. (The link is in our Operations Spreadsheet)
    • Please say hello and introduce yourself in #onsite-volunteers channel. Thanks <3
  • If you have any problem with the process please email or find a volunteer fellow in the venue.

Perks for volunteers

  • Get an awesome EuroPython Volunteer T-Shirt that you can keep and show off to your friends and a mention on the website to stay there forever :-) (1 slot activity)
  • A special group photo with all volunteers (1 slot activity; time will be announced on the #onsite-volunteers)

Summary of tasks

Registration Desk

  • Hand out registration badges
  • Check student IDs
  • Register On-Desk tickets and day passes
  • Answer general questions
  • This job involves a lot of talking

Session Chairing

  • Help speakers in preparing their notebooks for the talks
  • Introduce the speakers to the audience
  • Signal time left to the speakers
  • Make sure talks are finished on time
  • Moderate Q&A session and help with passing around microphones and introduce remote attendees.
  • This job involves speaking in front of people, moderation, and walking with a microphone

T-Shirt Handout

  • Hand out the conference T-shirt
  • This job involves standing and lifting light items

Set Up/Tear Down

  • Helping hands are needed to set up the stage before the conference starts (Monday morning)
  • Also on the last day (Friday afternoon for the main conference, Sunday for the sprints) to clear up the venue afterwards
  • This job involves walking and carrying items

Ad-hoc Activities

  • There are always some tasks which we simply cannot plan beforehand:
    • moving chairs, tables, or poster walls,
    • arranging transfers between venue and airport, etc.

More information

Why be a EuroPython Volunteer?

  • To help the EuroPython organizers keep the conference affordable for everyone
  • Show your EuroPython support to the Python community (by wearing your exclusive T-Shirt)
  • Get a huge applause during the closing session of the conference
  • Get your name on our EuroPython 2020 Team page to stay there forever.

How much work is involved?

  • There are different tasks with different time required
  • Each task is related with the concept of slot
  • You can sign up to any number of them.

What kind of qualifications do I need?

  • You should be able to speak some English.
  • If you speak additional languages, even better. Please let us know.
  • Have time between two talks? Then why not spend it as an EuroPython Volunteer?

Ask for help

If you run into any problems, please ask in the #onsite-volunteers channel in discord or contact our for any information you may need.