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Creating great user interfaces on Jupyter Notebooks with ipywidgets

Liffey Hall 2
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30 minutes


Jupyter notebooks are great to quickly try new ideas and experiments, but the downside is that using code to change inputs and see the results can be inefficient and error-prone. ipywidget is a Python library that solves this problem by providing a user-friendly interface with iterative widgets. It's all in Python so we don't have to worry with any CSS or Javascript. In this talk we'll learn how ipywidgets can help us build tools in the context of Data Science.

TalkPyData: Software Packages & Jupyter


A useful Jupyter notebook that takes input from the user to generate results is a great candidate to become a web application, but usually data scientists don't have the front-end skills required to build one and deploy them. Using notebooks with ipywidgets can be a great solution to build teams' internal tools because we get the user-friendly widgets and don't need to worry about the deployment since it's all in Jupyter.

The speaker

Deborah Mesquita

I’m Déborah and I’m a data scientist who really likes to write. I have a BSc in Computer Science and I’ve been working with Data Science since 2016 when I won the Microsoft Imagine Machine Learning Award.

I’m a generalist, so I can grasp new technology quickly and I can learn as much as I need to reach the goals of a project. I think this gives me an advantage in writing because it’s easier for me to “zoom out” and explain things from a broader point of view than someone who has more experience in a particular technology.

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