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Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde - transition from developer to manager without going crazy or becoming evil

Wicklow Hall 1
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In the career of many developers, there comes the point of deciding "what next?". The typical two choices are- to stay on the technical path and pursue the way of a software architect or take a leap of faith and jump to a people management role. In my talk, I'll show you the pros, cons, and challenges of pursuing the latter.

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You've been a developer for a couple of years already. Your journey started as an intern/junior-level position where you were learning to code; then, going through mid and senior positions, you were offered the team lead or even engineering manager role. At this moment, you have plenty of questions and doubts. How to answer them to make sure you make a good decision? How to prepare for the new role if you want to take it? I'll help you answer these questions and prepare for your future role.

The speaker

Jakub Paczkowski

Python development enthusiast for the last 11 years, currently working as Director of Engineering at SpotOn. I love clean and straightforward solutions, focused on usability and robustness. I am privately a motorcycling enthusiast in summer and squash lover in winter.

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