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Try Something Different: Explore MicroPython! (a rough guide for newcomers)

Liffey Hall 2
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30 minutes


MicroPython - a reimplementation of Python for microcontrollers - is nine years old. How can you find your way in a jungle of tiny chips, circuits, and jumper wires? In this session, we will run through a brief introduction to the world of MicroPython. Beyond the basics, we will explore the projects, tools, and the community that helped your intrepid speaker to get started as a newcomer.



MicroPython is a reimplementation of Python for microcontrollers, originally developed as a result of a Kickstarter campaign. Today, it is an approachable way into programming for many young people, via boards like the Raspberry Pi Pico, the BBC micro:bit and the CodeBug - you can even run it on LEGO bricks! It is increasingly being used in commercial fields as well. MicroPython is helping Python to get into even more places, and making programmers more efficient as it does so.

Andy Piper wanted to learn more, so he spent some time travelling and adventuring on the internet, to discover the community and projects around MicroPython.

The goal of this session is to briefly explain the What, Why and How of MicroPython. There will be circuit boards, and discussion of microcontrollers! We will take a look at examples, from established development boards to brand new ones. We will also acknowledge how MicroPython has been built upon, to enable different ways of working (with CircuitPython), and LEGO robots (via PyBricks).

Finally, and most importantly, you'll get a good sense of the places you can find and learn from the MicroPython community, and how you can get involved and contribute!

The speaker

Andy Piper

Developer Advocate. API tinkerer. Friendly moderator & community helper. IoT hacker (Eclipse IoT / MQTT). Perpetual student. LEGO fan. Prefer they/them pronouns.

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