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Online voting system used for primary elections for the French Presidential, must be secure right ?

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Since it inception, online voting has been an apealing but controversial technology.

Indeed, what seems like a modern way of making vote cheaper and more convenient is often considered by activist and reserchers as a pandora box unleashing never-ending privacy and authenticity concerns.

However with Covid 19 shriking our public interaction, many have considered the benefits overcome the theorical issues and online voting system have skyrocketed like never before...

The Neovote voting system has been massively used in France: tenths of Universty, hundreds of private companies and, more importantly, it was chosen to organise 3 of the 5 main primary elections for the French Presidential election of 2022 (Primaires de l'Écologie, Les Républicains and Primaire Populaire).

Neovote claims to have the highest possible level of security, the voter being even able to access the final ballot box to do the recount by himself and ensure his own vote has been taken into account !

So challenge accepted, this talk will walk you through the Neovote voting system to understand why their claims are "slightly" exagerated ;-)

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The speaker

Emmanuel Leblond

Coming from the C/C++ embedded software world, I ended up starting a software company specialized in end-to-end encryption solution.

I fall in love with Python a long time ago, fortunately programing can be polyamorous because I've met Rust in the meantime ;-)

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