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Protocols in Python: Why You Need Them

Liffey B
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30 minutes


Protocols have been around since Python 3.8. So what are they, and how can they help you write better code? And how are they different from Abstract Base Classes? In this talk I will introduce you to both concepts (ABCs and Protocols), and show you by example how they can make your life easier, and your code cleaner.

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The speaker

Rogier van der Geer

Before joining GoDataDriven, Rogier obtained a PhD in particle physics. Rogier gained hands-on experience with handling enormous quantities of data and processing, or 'charming,' them into a manageable format before performing complicated analyses. After his PhD he exchanged physical science for data science at GoDataDriven, where he is now putting his skills to use on more business-driven problems. He likes applying data science to anything; be it his daily commute, improving his photography skills or the contents of his lunch box.

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