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PySnooper: Never use print for debugging again

Liffey A
13:35 on 13 July 2022
30 minutes


I had an idea for a debugging solution for Python that doesn't require complicated configuration like PyCharm. I released PySnooper as a cute little open-source project that does that, and to my surprise, it became a huge hit overnight, hitting the top of Hacker News, r/python and GitHub trending. In this talk I'll go into:

  • How PySnooper can help you debug your code.
  • How you can write your own debugging / code intelligence tools.
  • How to make your open-source project go viral.
  • How to use PuDB, another debugging solution, to find bugs in your code.
  • A PEP idea for making debuggers easier to debug.

TalkSoftware Engineering & Architecture

The speaker

Ram Rachum

Ram Rachum is a software developer specializing in Python, and a Fellow of the Python Software Foundation.

When he's not writing his biography in the third person, Ram is doing Python infrastructure work for clients, giving Python training to teams that would like to deepen their Python skills, and organizing the bi-monthly PyWeb-IL conference.

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