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Walk-through of Django internals

Wicklow Hall 1
Start (Dublin time):
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45 minutes


⭐ The talk will cover the Django codebase internals and showcase various moving parts in the code.

⭐ Talk will cover the internals of CGI, WSGI, working on runserver, views, Middleware, app loading, Django settings load, ORM, Django utilities, etc.



⭐ Talk will start with the introduction of how does end to end web request works internally in Django.

⭐ The talk will introduce users to the internals of ORM, database backend, middleware, etc.

⭐ The talk will also cover, all processes Django does internally to start a server.

⭐ At the end of the talk attendees will be able to understand the internal code structure of Django, how does Django server start, how does Django serves the requests, etc.

The speaker

Hitul Mistry

Hitul is the founder of Digiqt Technolabs. He helps companies in building Technology products, DevOps and Data Engineering.

He is experienced in the development of large-scale enterprise mission-critical and fault tolerance distributed applications in e-commerce, insurance, finance, and health care domains.

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