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A Tale of two Kitchens, hyper modernizing your codebase.

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When starting a new python project, the “hypermodern” python ‘template’ is a popular choice. Its style is opinionated and strict, and it brings a consistent style and today's best practices. How do I bring my legacy codebase up to this standard?

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A Consistent style and standard and the consistent use of the same tools in all your code, makes it easier to reason about, reduces context switching, thus reducing waste (in the LEAN sense). A clean environment is good for your health and safety, enabling you to deliver quality faster.

This talk goes deeper into how to modernize your legacy codebase to reduce your technical debt, to make it easier for you to tackle the real challenges without ever having to discuss a style guide again. It will provide tips, tricks and tools to make your “hypermodernization” effort as smooth and easy as possible.

The speaker

Christian Ledermann

I have been working in the Software industry for over 25ish years in 4 Countries - 🇩🇪, 🇰🇪, 🇬🇧, and 🇮🇪 - and ended up as Senior Software Engineer at Oomnitza in Galway, Ireland. The first time I saw a Python Prompt it displayed the version Number 1.5.2 🦖, professionally I used python since 2003, (Python 2.2)

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